as a subsector of energy, "transport" includes the technologies behind combustion engines and alternative fuels, such as electro mobility. Choice-of-transport measures such car sharing etc, can be found in the society/living/mobility sector. Material improvements such as improved aerodynamics and light-weight constructions are located in the material and production / production and processing / vehicle manufacturing section.

Innovation: BIOLCA - A Tool For The Evaluation And Improvement Of The Sustainability In The Transport Sector

Last update: 08.11.2013
The tool, based on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology, will enable the assessment of environmental, social and economic impacts throughout the whole life cycle. BIOLCA will be a powerful tool for decision making that will contribute to the improvement of the sustainability in the Transport and Biofuels sectors, since [...]


Innovation: European Biofuels Technology Platform

Last update: 20.09.2013
The EBTP as a platform consists of companies and stakeholders dedicated to the research, demonstration and market implementation of advanced biofuels (commonly referred to as second or third generation biofuels) but also to the improvement of already commercial biofuel value chains. Policy makers will be supported via fact-based information regarding [...]


Innovation: Innovative Icebreaking Concepts For Winter Navigation

Last update: 14.07.2013
Ready to use
Executive summary: The need of icebreaking assistance depends on many factors such as severity of ice winter, prevailing winds, technical characteristics of merchant ships and traffic frequency. Therefore, due to limited icebreaking resources the variation in the level of service is wide. Sometimes the ships have been forced to wait [...]



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