a material-based result of pa manufacturing process. In regard to eco-innovation, focusing especially on bionics, eco-design, product life-cycle and repair friendly design solutions.

Innovation: FENIX TOOL: a comprehensive on-line tool for evaluating packaging waste management options in Spain and Portugal

Last update: 06.09.2013
Ready to use
It is an ad-hoc software tool for evaluating alternative scenarios for the management of post-consumer packaging waste, enabling the selection of more sustainable waste management practices, in accordance with the current European policy principles. The tool is intended to be used directly by the local municipalities and waste management entities [...]


Innovation: Building modernisation - Guidelines to Preliminaries/Survey

Last update: 03.09.2013
Ready to use
A complete condition analysis of the existing building structure as well as building materials is a key factor in building modernisation and of great importance to create as much knowledge as possible in the early stage of the project. A checklist exemplifies different tasks and points out the responsibility of [...]


Innovation: Environmentally Friendly Natural Products Instead Of Chloroparaffines In The Fatting Phase Of The Tanning Cycle

Last update: 25.07.2013
The ECOFATTING project expects to deliver the following results: - Innovative products, free from toxic substances, for use in the leather industry; - Substitution of chloroparaffins with eco-sustainable natural products in the fattening process; - Optimisation and application of new tanning formulations specific to the fattening phase, containing products derived [...]


Innovation: Factory Of The Future: Demonstration Of The Production Of Wood Panels With Near-Zero Environmental Footprint

Last update: 12.07.2013
The project expects to establish a self-sufficient, environmentally sound production plant with the following characteristics: 1. No more than 10% of the thermal energy generated using natural gas, equalling a gas consumption of 1 500 000 m3 (based on 2010 consumption); a reduction of equalling 21 500 household uses); 2. [...]



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