focuses on planning and architecture of energy efficient buildings, with energy efficient materials.

Innovation: E2ReBuild Building Demonstrations

Last update: 03.09.2013
The aim is to reduce the energy use in the demonstration buildings to 30-50 kWh/m2a for heating, ventilation and hot water, by introducing innovative and sustainable renovation solutions. These solutions focus on industrial manufacturing methods for e.g., facade elements and standardised retrofit measures that allow a high replication potential. That [...]


Innovation: Lucha Contra El Cambio Climático: Tecnologías Innovadoras Para Un Uso Eficiente De Recursos Y Energía En Restauración De Viviendas

Last update: 10.07.2013
Expected results: - A standard methodology for the sustainable renovation of social housing, including an on-line assessment, evaluation and decision-making tool for stakeholders; - Decreased energy consumption and resource use in the construction sector (0.33 Tpe and 1.22 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually per retrofitted unit) - To recommend realistic [...]


Innovation: Dataset of time activity data for children and elderly people living in Rome

Last update: 09.07.2013
Ready to use
Seasonal results of time occupancy of living environments are provided for both children and elderly people as averaged and half hourly results. As for the children, the results show that home is the most frequent micro-environment (47-71% of time depending on season, type of day and gender). School is the [...]


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