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Innovation: Noise Barriers With Sun Energy Production For District Heating System

Last update: 15.05.2014
January 7 2013: Final location determined Based on the noise survey previously carried out by the Municipality of Lerum (2003) along the E20 motorway and the Western main line (railroad) a suitable location is identified. Interesting areas are identified by means of noise, conditions for solar thermal energy production, proximity [...]


Innovation: Development Of An Interactive Tool For The Implementation Of Environmental Legislation In Nanoparticle Manufacturers

Last update: 28.11.2013
INANOTOOL APPROACH The objective of i-NanoTool is to contribute to the efficient implantation of the environmental policy and legislation in nanomaterials manufacturers companies, especially SMEs. It includes the development of an interactive platform (etool) for environmental self-diagnosis addressed to nanoparticles manufacturers in European countries. Its specific objectives are: • To [...]


Innovation: Assessment Methodologies For Forward Looking Integrated Pedestrian And Further Extension To Cyclists Safety Systems

Last update: 20.09.2013
Main goal of the AsPeCSS project is to develop harmonised test and assessment procedures for forward looking integrated pedestrian safety systems that can be used for consumer rating and regulatory purposes. As such the project is meant to stimulate wide spread introduction of these systems that have high potential to [...]


Innovation: Priority environmental contaminants in seafood: safety assessment, impact and public perception

Last update: 15.08.2013
Ready to use
The ECsafeSEAFOOD project will monitor the presence of priority environmental contaminants in the environment and in seafood, prioritize those that are real hazards for human health, and assess the transfer of relevant priority environmental contaminants between the environment and seafood, taking into account the effect of climate change. The project [...]


Innovation: The Impact Of Geological Environment On Health Status Of Residents Of The Slovak Republic

Last update: 03.08.2013
Through linking of datasets of environmental and health indicators those chemical elements in geological environment that have the most significant impact on human health will be definied. Further, the limit values for the chemicals in groundwater and soils will be defined including not only maximal permissible values but also minimal [...]


Innovation: Clean Air

Last update: 19.07.2013
The project will contribute to the revision of the Air Quality Directive in the following ways: 1. It will provide contributions to the revision process from relevant NGOs from at least seven European countries; 2. It will hold international international NGO-workshops, the results of which will be incorporated into the [...]



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