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Innovation: Development Of An Interactive Tool For The Implementation Of Environmental Legislation In Nanoparticle Manufacturers

Last update: 28.11.2013
INANOTOOL APPROACH The objective of i-NanoTool is to contribute to the efficient implantation of the environmental policy and legislation in nanomaterials manufacturers companies, especially SMEs. It includes the development of an interactive platform (etool) for environmental self-diagnosis addressed to nanoparticles manufacturers in European countries. Its specific objectives are: • To [...]


Innovation: New Biocoating For Corrosion Inhibition In Metal Surfaces

Last update: 15.11.2013
BIOCORIN project will identify microorganisms most suitable to counteract the fouling and MIC threats in civil infrastructures affected by these phenomena under different types of conditions. Instead of purifying the bioactive compounds from organisms or synthesize the chemical compounds, the technology will use latent microorganisms that directly act secreting the [...]


Innovation: BIOLCA - A Tool For The Evaluation And Improvement Of The Sustainability In The Transport Sector

Last update: 08.11.2013
The tool, based on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology, will enable the assessment of environmental, social and economic impacts throughout the whole life cycle. BIOLCA will be a powerful tool for decision making that will contribute to the improvement of the sustainability in the Transport and Biofuels sectors, since [...]


Innovation: Fire Risks Assessment And Increase Of Passenger Survivability

Last update: 01.11.2013
The results of the project AIRCRAFTFIRE have different expected impacts on fire safety in aeronautics. The impacts follow the work programme performed by the AIRCRAFTFIRE consortium. AIRCRAFTFIRE will mainly: - evaluate the new fire threat induced by the massive use of composites in aeronautics; - provide flammability, toxicity and burning [...]


Innovation: Optimizing Gasification Of High-Ash Content Coals For Electricity Generation

Last update: 01.11.2013
The OPTIMASH project aims to optimize the efficiency and reliability of gasifiers fuelled with high-ash content coals. High Pressure Circulating Fluidized Bed gasifiers are the target technology. The objective of this 4 years project is to develop a pilot gasifier capable of producing a syngas flow at 10 bars suitable [...]


Innovation: ERA-NET For Industrial Biotechnology 2

Last update: 23.10.2013
ERA-IB-2 will increase Europe’s competitiveness in Industrial Biotechnology (IB) by providing a platform for long-lasting collaboration and cooperation between national/regional programme owners and managers of a large number of European countries, including new Member States and Associated /ICP Countries. ERA-IB-2 builds on the success of the FP6 project “ERA-IB” and [...]