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Innovation: Sustainable Production of Functional and Safe Feed from Food Waste

Last update: 28.06.2014
Ready to use
The transformation of fruit, vegetables, roots and dairy derivatives into animal feed and feed additives through cost-effective tools is the conceptual approach of the NOSHAN project. Food wastes are characterized for their nutritional potential, but also suitable technologies to stabilize them and convert them into suitable raw materials for bulk [...]


Innovation: Specific mechanical properties and metallographic parameters and post-forming mechanical properties and metallographic parameters of Ti alloys

Last update: 19.06.2014
Ready to use
1) characterization of mechanical properties and formability of the material TiAL6V4 at various conditions of straining. 2) Description of not only mechanical properties of the processed samples of forming Ti-40, Ti-15-3-3-3, and Ti-6Al-4V alloys sheets, but also homogeneity of their microstructure.


Innovation: Hot Incremental Forming Process Using Localized Heating

Last update: 19.06.2014
Two experimental setups for hot incremental forming processes using localized heating have been successfully developed. One setup is based on localized resistance heating whereas the second setup is based on local laser heating. For both processes the general applicability has been demonstrated. In order to ensure safe and stable processes [...]


Innovation: Full life cycle approach to assess the sustainability of the hot AISF process

Last update: 19.06.2014
An assessment method has been presented to evaluate the energy efficiency of two hot AISF processes. Localised laser heating is a lean alternative compared with global heating. However, an important drawback in localised heating is the excessive residual stress developed due to the combined heating and forming processes. The localised [...]