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Acronym Title Start End Motivation Programme Updatedsort ascending
TRUST Transitions To The Urban Water Services Of Tomorrow 01.05.2011 30.04.2015 The European research project TRUST (Transitions to the Urban Water Services of Tomorrow) will produce knowledge and guidance to support the... Framework Programme 7 10.09.2014
NOSHAN Sustainable Production of Functional and Safe Feed from Food Waste 01.08.2012 31.01.2016 Food processing activities produce in Europe large amounts of by-products and waste. Such waste streams are only partially valorized at different... Framework Programme 7 28.06.2014
INMA Innovative Manufacturing Of Complex Ti Sheet Aeronautical Components 01.09.2010 28.02.2014 The INMA project aims at developing an intelligent knowledge-based (KB) flexible manufacturing technology for titanium shaping that will lead to... Framework Programme 7 19.06.2014
CENIRELTA Cenirelta, Cost-Effective Nitrogen Removal From Waste Water By Low-Temperature Anammox. 01.07.2012 31.12.2015 Eutrophication is a major issue throughout the European Union. It is caused by high loads of nutrients, mainly phosphate and nitrogen, being... LIFE+ Programme 17.06.2014
NOISUN Noise Barriers With Sun Energy Production For District Heating System 01.06.2012 28.05.2016 Exposure to noise is a considerable environmental problem in many parts of Europe. Noise is also one of the greatest environmental problems in Lerum... LIFE+ Programme 15.05.2014
WATERP Water Enhanced Resource Planning - Where water supply meets demand 01.10.2012 30.09.2015 Water supply involves many actors. While many management tools exist, they cannot intercommunicate and no framework is available for integrating all... Framework Programme 7 25.04.2014
SHOWW Pushing Ahead With Field Implementation Of Best Fitting Wastewater Treatment And Management Solutions 01.09.2011 28.08.2014 Since wastewater treatment processes require large investments, it is very important that up-to-date, appropriate and viable solutions be implemented... LIFE+ Programme 29.03.2014
MARE Market Promotion and Development of Eco-Processes for Waste Oils and Petroleum Residues 01.09.2011 31.08.2014 The MARE project targets at the development of an eco-innovative process for material recovery from waste oils and petroleum residues. Those wastes... CIP Programme 14.02.2014
GEOTHERMAL ERA NET Geothermal Era Net 01.05.2012 30.04.2016 The proposed ERA-NET will deepen the cooperation of national program owners and administrators and thus be an enabler for the integration of national... Framework Programme 7 24.01.2014
GY.ECO Gyproc Eco-Friendly 01.09.2011 30.11.2014 European Union waste legislation aims to promote the recycling of waste gypsum. At present, small amounts of waste gypsum are treated, with other... LIFE+ Programme 18.01.2014
I-NANOTOOL LIFE+ Development Of An Interactive Tool For The Implementation Of Environmental Legislation In Nanoparticle Manufacturers 01.07.2013 31.12.2015 The development of nanomaterials - defined as having at least one dimension of 100 nanometres or less – is an area of science and industry expected... LIFE+ Programme 28.11.2013
BIOCORIN New Biocoating For Corrosion Inhibition In Metal Surfaces 01.03.2012 31.08.2015 The annual direct cost of corrosion estimated worldwide exceeds 1.32 trillion, which means approximately between 3 to 4% of the Gross Domestic... Framework Programme 7 15.11.2013
BIOLCA Demonstration Of A Tool For The Evaluation And Improvement Of The Sustainability In The Transport Sector 01.07.2012 31.12.2014 Transport is responsible for about a quarter of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions. In the last years, while most sectors have reduced CO2 emissions,... LIFE+ Programme 08.11.2013
AIRCRAFTFIRE Fire Risks Assessment And Increase Of Passenger Survivability 01.01.2011 31.12.2013 The project aims for the increase of passenger survivability in the case of fire aboard aircraft focused on the next generation of aircraft. The... Framework Programme 7 01.11.2013
OPTIMASH Optimizing Gasification Of High-Ash Content Coals For Electricity Generation 01.11.2011 31.10.2015 The OPTIMASH project aims to optimise the efficiency and reliability of gasifiers fuelled with high-ash content coals. High Pressure Circulating... Framework Programme 7 01.11.2013
MIPP Monitoring Of Insects With Public Participation 01.10.2012 30.09.2017 The LIFE + Nature project "Monitoring of insects with public partecipation" (MIPP) has the main aim to develop and test standardized monitoring... LIFE+ Programme 30.10.2013
SPRAY Breakthrough Water Spray System For Front Loading Washing Machines 01.09.2012 31.08.2014 The project will deliver to the market the technical and economical solution of the SPRAY technology for a consistent water reduction in household... CIP Programme 25.10.2013
ERA-IB-2 ERA-NET For Industrial Biotechnology 2 01.12.2011 30.11.2015 The ERA-Net Industrial Biotechnology 2 (ERA-IB-2) will increase Europes competitiveness in Industrial Biotechnology (IB) by providing a platform for... Framework Programme 7 23.10.2013
TRANSFORUM Transforming European Transport Through An Active Actors Forum 01.02.2013 31.01.2015 In 2011 the European Commission issued the White Paper "Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area - Towards a competitive and resource efficient... Framework Programme 7 19.10.2013
SWEETFUEL Sweet Sorghum: An Alternative Energy Crop 01.01.2009 31.12.2013 Increasing world market prices for fossil fuels, driven by limited reserves, growing demand and instability in producing regions, now render... Framework Programme 7 18.10.2013